The First Few Weeks

I won’t lie to you, the first few weeks that my boyfriend left for Basic were hell. I did everything in my power to get through them happily and strong but I failed miserably. I found myself crying as I fell asleep nearly every night. I never slept without both his jacket and the stuffed animal he bought me. I thought about him constantly.

I started to have doubts in my mind whether or not I would be able to continue with being a military girlfriend. I loved him to death at this point, but was it worth it for my own mental and physical health? The answer is yes. I realized that it is only a few weeks before he has his phone and can skype me and text me and call me again. I just had to tough it out for a few weeks and then I can hear his voice and see his face everyday.

An important thing to remember during the first weeks and throughout the whole process of Basic is that it is a really short amount of time compared to the time you two will spend together in the future. Knowing this can help you calm yourself down when you’re feeling anxious, scared, or sad. I know that my boyfriend and I will have an amazing life once we both settle down into adulthood. We have already discussed future plans, we just have to be patient and go with the flow.

Another thing to remember is that both of you are going through a huge change in life. The military lifestyle is not something that either of you will just be able to feel comfortable in right away. There is a lot of physical training on your other half, and an immense amount of mental training for both of you. You’re both getting ready for this change and you’re both scared. Help each other out with that. Communicate your feelings, but don’t be whiny. Although in completely separate ways, Basic helps prepare both of you for the lifelong journey you are committing to.


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